How to Install PS2 Games on Android using PCSX2

If you have been pining for the games of the past decade that you used to play on your Playstation but for some reason don’t currently possess a console, then there’s still a way for you to enjoy them. Streaming is an option, sure but why watch when you can also play!

The fun part is you don’t need to go to great lengths in order to live that feeling again. You can just get an emulator that simulates the PlayStation console on your Android devices. The best one is the PCSX2 emulator that has all the features necessary to turn any of your devices into a gaming console. (Not realistically but functionally, very much, yes.)

PCSX2 on Android

Is PCSX2 better than PS2 console?

PCSX2 was developed by a team of developers to play PS2 titles and obviously the PS1 and PSP titles too. It took the team hard work and dedication to develop something extraordinary that surpasses even its inspiration. The PCSX2 has some fantastic features that outmatch the original PS2 and they are mentioned below:

  • You can save states which means you can load and save the game any number of times as you may desire.
  • You can soar up to 4k resolution at 4096 x 4096 to play these PS2 games and additionally also enable features such as Texture Filtering to promote more performance.
  • You can use any controller with this emulator regardless if it’s PS3, Xbox 360, etc.
  • Record your games in Full HD with the built-in game recorder and share them socially with friends over social media networking sites.
  • Lock or limit your FPS and therefore improve the overall game performance by evicting sudden lags and crashes caused by the fluctuating frames.

How to Install PS2 games on Android using PCSX2

If the PCSX2 hasn’t won you over yet, we still have something that’ll undoubtedly impress you.

The PCSX2 is quite a successful and easy emulator that can support more than two thousand gaming titles and more that are still being decoded by developers around the world. The interface and controls are pretty easy but they can be jarring for those who do not know which graphics detail can achieve what and when it’s useful to enable or disable them.

All that you need to run games are ROM(s) which contain .ISO files that can be found by using a variety of Portals.

Before we get these games, let’s first get you familiar with how to install PCSX2 on your Android devices.

  • Initially, you’ll need to navigate to the Settings > Developer Options where you’ll find a checkbox option mentioning ‘Allow apps from Unknown Sources’. Enable it.

Enable _Allow apps from Unknown Sources_

  • You are then required to obtain the PCSX2 from its official website.
  • Tap the downloaded file to install it when prompted and wait for the installation to complete.
  • You should get a response depicting the installation is successful and then you can press Done to return to the home screen.

In another phase of this guide, let’s install one of the acquired ROM(s).

  • Some websites would directly allow you to download .ISO files or else you’ll need to first download the ROM package.
  • For those who might have ROM packages, Extract it in a folder to obtain the .ISO file within it.
  • Move or copy the .ISO file to your Android’s root folder or the Memory folder assigned to your PCSX2 application.
  • Run the PCSX2 application and you should see the ROM(s) being automatically detected or you can manually ‘define’ their path and load the game by tapping the disc icon.
  • Your game is now running and you’re at liberty to change both the settings and the position of the virtual gamepad on the screen.

Note: You can additionally also connect a Bluetooth controller or plug-in a console controller to enjoy your favorite games.

Final Words

You can use the PCSX2 emulator to play a host of games such as simulation, shooter, action, RPG, etc. While you have the ability to save game states, you can also have more than one of them depending on your storage and the same logic can also be applied for the total number of ROM(s) you can have on your device.